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Rajasthan is a land that is rich with history and stories of color, tradition, art, and food. Each part of the city is embossed with the beauty that can be enjoyed in the different forms of tapestry and the gastronomical experiences that can give anyone taste pallet a gala time. Dishes such as Bhujias, Jalewas, Malpua, Ghewar, Kachori, and many more are special dishes from different corners of Rajasthan. Amongst the most famous culinary traditions of Rajasthan, are the delicacies of Bikaner, which was an important trade route and now has emerged as a hub of sweet treats and delicacies. The Bikaneri Bhujia and the Bikaneri Rasgulla are few of the special treats one can savor in Bikaner.

Bhujia getting ready to be fried

Rasgulla being sold in the streets

Next in the line is Jaipur, also called the Pink city, which is famous for its delicious mouth-watering Ghewars. This sweet dish is made with flour, clarified butter, and sugar. The unique aesthetic of the sweet comes from the way it is made, as clarified butter is poured from a height into a frying pan. The Ghewar is also linked with one of the most famous festivals of the city; Teej, which is a monsoon festival dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Parvati.


Teej Festival

The city of Ajmer, which is famous for the Ajmer Sharif Dargah; is home to the Sohan Halwa; a treat that is very famous all across the country.

Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Sohan Halwa getting prepared

The sacred town of Pushkar is the home to Malpua, which is India’s oldest dessert, as a reference to this sweet dish comes from ancient texts that have been deciphered by historians.

Malpua being prepared by locals of Pushkar 

The city of Alwar, which is famous for its palaces is also famous for the sweet dish, Kalakand, which is essentially made out of milk. Also famous in this city, are the golden fried Kachoris that come with an array of chutneys.

City Palace Alwar


Another famous dish is the Jalewas of Rajasthan that comes from the town of Deeg. Jalewas is the bigger version of Jalebis, which is, a round sweet dish enjoyed by people of all ages across the country with a dash of Rabri.

Rabri and Jalebi

The one thing that anyone can find all across Rajasthan is the Dal Bhati, which is a staple in the cuisine of Rajasthan. It is something that can be found both at roadside Dhabas and the magnificent palace hotels. The Bhati is essentially a ball made largely of wheat and flour. It is crushed and served with lots of clarified butter and Dal all over it.

Local shop selling Dal Bhati

Dal Bhati Choorma

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