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PublicTunes is an art and cultural experience curator; making an effort to provide content and host events around Indian heritage art and culture. As a media network, we offer digital and print content in multimedia format—magazine, articles and books, photo essays and video, interviews and oral histories, maps, and timelines. PublicTunes is for all users searching for information, such as students, research-based explorers, tourists, creative professionals, and others. Through our outreach programs, we present a forum for those who may not have either access to or familiarity with India’s rich heritage. PublicTunes also works on art, with a massive art project organizing various art, music, dance, theatre and cultural workshops, shows, and events. PublicTunes has worked with various organizations to put forward festivals, films, shows ranging from visual and performing arts festivals, corporate activities, dance, art, music and theatre workshops, while being a patron of local art forms and artists. We have worked with organizations such as Little Black Book (LBB), Delhi Land and Finance (DLF) Premium shopping malls, Railway Ministry of India, Times Group, Max Hospital, Zorba the Buddha, Bikaner House, Ramjas College, Banjara School of Dance, Indian Motorcycles, Raahgiri.

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