The PublicTunes Magazine

The team at PublicTunes is full of mavericks. We have got an amazing team of newshounds, maverick story tellers, editors, producers, designers, analysts, writers, actors, entertainers, musicians, artists and people with the knowledge of cutting edge technology and we like to express our creativity and skills in different formats and “The PublicTunes Magazine” is the result of that.

The PublicTunes Magazine is our long term project to bring about a revolution in the country with our exquisite skills and creativity. We aim to release 4 magazines each year starting from 2020 and do one big launch in 2019.

We have topics on articles such as politics, journalism, travelling, lifestyle, psychology, education, culture and economy. This magazine breaks the traditional notions of a magazine and designing.

The magazine is a prime example of what our country needs and what the people should know. The magazine has articles both in English and Hindi and soon will have international editions, which will be in local languages of countries.

This project of PublicTunes is our biggest and greatest project and we have big aims and goals for it.

As the name of PublicTunes suggests, this magazine is dedicated to the people and thus the people shall wait for what is coming in their box.


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