The PublicTunes Magazine

The PublicTunes magazine is the annual magazine of PublicTunes which releases twice in a year. The magazine is a long term project of PublicTunes and it is the path towards the revolutionary country PublicTunes is setting the path towards a revolution by releasing its magazine which includes articles regarding social and political issues. It has interviews with many famous personalities and focuses on politics, social issues, journalism and music. The magazine is the brainchild of our founder, Arya Sethi and he is also the chief editor of the magazine. The magazine is designed in a very high quality and the price is very low. This magazine will set the the path for the revolution. We aim to provide the magazine in every part of the country and sow the seeds of a revolution that PublicTunes is working for. The magazine is available on Amazon on a very low rate.
This magazine breaks the traditional notions of a magazine and designing. The magazine is a prime example of what our country needs and what the people should know. The magazine has articles both in English and Hindi and soon will have international editions, which will be in local languages of countries. This project of PublicTunes is our biggest and greatest project and we have big aims and goals for it.

5. Our social events and products
We also have few products such as notebooks and bookmarks, which we generaly