PublicTunes Overview

PublicTunes Media
PT Media is a branch of PublicTunes. This branch will focus on content generation on a very high level of cinematography on the two digital platforms YouTube and Instagram. PT Media will focus on content generation in the field of MUSIC, PUBLIC SPEAKING AND MOTIVATIONAL TALKS and other forms of videography will also be presented, for ex: promos of our brand and other brand deals and coverage of any of our events. Creators who wish to contribute manually or financially, both options are open. To contribute financially, it will have to be done through our patreon account and for manual help, the individual will have to reach to our team and establish a rapport. The schedule of uploads is not fixed as this site is still under construction and a part of our website will feature this.

PublicTunes Apparel
This is a non-profit branch of PublicTunes, where people who contribute in the functioning of PublicTunes as a whole will be rewarded with our pieces of apparel/merchandise. To raise funds for a social cause, we might launch various products on our website and will do drops which will be on temporary basis. In order to be a part of this branch, and work as a designer, or to be a store to sell our merchandise drops, or even contribute in the production, one needs to become a part of the team and then only this branch of PT can be used. This is an inclusive branch and people who are closely related will be involved and new drops for social causes might drop at various events or our website on temporary basis.

PublicTunes is a social organisation which focuses on three things, music, writing and speaking. We offer a variety of services and we release a magazine every 6 months and a newsletter every month, both of them have various interviews with large personalities related to the field of politics, social service, music, travelling, culture, economics, and psychology. We also run a research on effect of religion on politics of the country and currently this research can be funded by patreon where more information can be found out. We are related to social work and have a large team which functions to develop a society where love exists and fraternity is revived. We have speakers, drummers, writers, photographers, researchers, and dancers, artists who work as a team and help the society function in a better way. We have two more branches, PT Media and PT Apparel, which gives a face to our organisation in a unique way.
Rest of the information can be checked on the website on how to book and FAQ’s.
1. Arya Sethi- Founder and CEO
2. Arun Sethi- Director and Head Of Marketing
3. Amit Manocha- Chief Designer
4. Yudi Sunny- Drummer and Entertainer