Our Team

Our team is a collective of newshounds, maverick story tellers, editors, producers, designers, analysts, writers, actors, entertainers, musicians, artists and people with the knowledge of cutting edge technology.

1. Arya Sethi- Founder and CEO

Arya is the founder and CEO of PublicTunes and PublicTunes is one of his personal brand and one of the closest thing to him. Arya is a 16 year old social entrepreneur and is a writer, musician, drum circle facilitator, public speaker, political and social debater. Arya has spoken at various schools and confrences at various levels and has also debated on news channels such as Mirror Now and Times Now. He is also a quizzer and is known for being one of the top 20 in Delhi as of 2017. Arya is the chief Editor of The PublicTunes Magazine and also takes up freelance writing and music projects. Being born in a business family he runs the entire business with the help of a team. He has been a drummer since past 5 years and plays many instruments of a wide variety, mainly percussions. He is also a drum circle facilitator and has facilitated drum circles for upto 250 people.

2. Arun Sethi- Head of Marketing

Arun is the Head of Marketing at PublicTunes. He has over 10 years in the field of marketing. He has been working with Toni Zippers as the Marketing MD and is a director at Polylace India Private Limited. He is one of the mastermind behind the PublicTunes magazine and today is a pioneer in the marketing industry with being involved in the largest manufacturer of zippers and sliders in India.

3. Amit Manocha- Chief Designer

Amit is the chief designer and creative head at PublicTunes. Amit is a multi-tasking person and has his hands in various fields. He is a top graphic designer and social media expert. He is also in the management team at PublicTunes and is an expert at social media and brand/event handling. He is also the Creative Head of Brand Decorator which is a sister agency of PublicTunes.

4. Upendra Dhawale (Also known as Yudi)- Management Head

Upendra is the Drum Circle Facilitator at PublicTunes. He is also in the management team at PublicTunes. Yudi is one of the only teachers in India who are certified to teach the African Instrument “Djembe”. Yudi is also the founding member of a drumming ensemble “Yudi Crew” which is a sister organisation of PublicTunes. He is also the cofounder of IQRA IAS which is an IAS training institute set up in Pune. Yudi is also a professional dancer with over 10 years in the field of entertainment.

5. Alphee Chauhan- Workshop Facilitator

6. Anand Gaur-  Technical Head

7. Brij Mohan- Health and fitness Column (Editor)

8. Irshad Khan- Politics and Religion Column (Research)

PublicTunes is bold.
PublicTunes is young.
PublicTunes poses questions.
PublicTunes is never satisfied with an answer.

PublicTunes looks at the big picture.

PublicTunes is interested in every detail.
PublicTunes is inquisitive.
PublicTunes is independent.
PublicTunes is irreverent.
But never irrelevant.

The Public is you. The Tunes is the revolving planet.