Indian society is a society that has existed for years and traditions have been built up here, some of which carry a very scientifically proven hypothesis but some of them are partial towards a certain section and discriminates certain sections. This story of the truth of Indian society has a lot of parts to it, but before discussing them we shall understand that Indian society doesn’t necessarily mean the Hindu culture and society. There is a different between Indian and Hindu Culture. This is also a depiction of the current society which exists, thus no reference from the past shall be interpreted here.
The part-1 of this story is men and women. Women have been subjected to oppression by men from a long time and now the time has come where women have become self- dependent and have questioned the men and raised their voice against the oppressor. Such instances can be traced through various campaigns such as the “me too” campaign and evolution of digital apps like the one launched by Delhi Police, which is the HIMMAT app. Thus today women have become dependent but there threat is still not over, they can still not be totally free and still a lot of issues are in taboo. But with a lot of men at fault the women of the country are also not less, men who respect women also have to face humiliation at certain situations. One such instance is of the Delhi metro, where one man was sitting and a women shamelessly approached him and yelled at him that “how dare are you sitting when women in front are standing” while the man was seated on a general seat where anyone could sit. Such instances have become common, and such instances can also be traced at the “me too” campaign where certain women have put up fake allegations. Thus in the society we live in probably both men and women are at fault with what is happening, we all build up a society and we all co-create, thus all should live with compassion and this is what PT preaches and propagates.
Let us jump to part-2 of the Indian society, where we discuss about the government. This has now become a less spoken topic because people who speak about the government are silenced, we have live examples of people and companies who have been silenced or tried to be shut down. People like Dhruv Rathee, Ravish Kumar and organisations like The Quint, The Wire, and the Citizen have been tried to shut down. The government looks for its bank and work according to it and tries to silence other sections of the society, which might have an effect on their reputation. Many of covers have featured this topic, and the government plays a vital role here. In the past we have seen the government trying to make a bank of various deals, like what happened at the rafale deal, where Reliance was chosen over HAL. This shows us the truth of the society and makes the public want to examine the government and ask the unasked questions because the public cannot be silenced. “The reader, the speaker shall not be silenced; everybody shall ask and question and examine afterwards”.
The part 3 is rather unknown to a lot of people, because people fail to examine themselves. Yes, “WE”, we are the one who are ruining the society. If we examine ourselves, we will come through instances where we done the unjust act, where we have talked badly to differently abled person, or discriminated between dark and light coloured people. We have to examine ourselves because we are the ones who are ruining this society. PublicTunes doesn’t hope for a clear society, where everything is perfect, we are not extremists but we are people who hope, where people from different walks of life hope and work for the betterment of the society. Hence, we all come for a cause and work for a cause.
This is the mirror that we fail to see. Let us all examine and learn from this and shine upon these words. Let’s all shine, be it any expression, be it any form, let’s all shine and make a dent in the universe.