“These lies are being widely spread, from school textbooks of students to the news rooms, these lies are being framed and circulated”

The mind of a student is one which can be molded easily and with small and easy tactics the government can be held guilty of spreading propaganda through school textbooks and news channels. Republic TV being the largest channel of propaganda is one of the medium through which all of their propaganda is spread, the propaganda is set in the shool textbooks and is now about to reach the Bollywood films. In a news by the Hindustan Times, it shows that the new textbooks issued by the Rajasthan Government are glorifying the current government and disregarding the congress freedom fighters during the independence. It has also been written in the textbooks that the congress wanted the british to stay during the independence and that only Veer Savarkar was the brave revolutionary. In the textbooks on class 8-10, demonitisation has also been glorified and has quoted that “it was a historical descision by the central government to curb black money, while it has been proved by economists that demonitization led to a big drop in the GDP.

In the English textbooks of class 10, there is also a poem about lotus, where it is written that “victory of lotus, is victory of Indian culture”. In various textbooks of physical education, non-vegetarian food has been shown as harmful to health and not to be afvised for consumption.

Next, we shall discuss how in bollywood

Next, we shall discuss how in bollywood films, the propaganda has been spread. Two movies that are set to release, “Indu Sarkaar” and “accidental prime minister”, where the congress party have been defamed in a very bad way. In the movie the accidental prime minister, the ex-prime minister has been defamed in a bad way and a lot of lies have been generated. In both the movies, Anupam Kher has been potrayed in both the films, and Madhur Bhandarkar, the director of “Indu Sarkaar” is himself a Modi Bhakta. This is not freedom of speech, these are propaganda films.

I hope these words impact the reader. LOVE ALL A

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