Found On All Fours- FOAF

We are foundonallfours, a quatret of story buskers traveling through a bunch of cities and villages to exchange stories and narrate a few of our own. When our mothers asked us what’s the objective of this tour, we replied, “we are just foafing around.”

That’s what the tour is called now – #foafingaround

You can call us an artist collective who tell stories through words, verses, chords, fire, movements, drama, puppets, art and more. We fuse multiple artforms to narrate an original story at livingrooms, classrooms and boardrooms. We often indulge in surprise performance art in open spaces where the audience, without realising, becomes a part of the act.

We have planned a 10-city busking tour through boardrooms, livingrooms and classrooms over a month. This Christmas onwards catch is in the streets, classrooms, livingrooms, boardrooms, hostels, cafe & bars of chennai, auroville, pondicherry, bangalore, hampi, vattakanal, goa, pune, lonavala, mumbai, udaipur & delhi.

#FOAFBuskingTour is our 10-city story busking tour through dec’18-jan’19 featuring

Georgia, a mural artist, accordian player, puppeteer.

Anoop, a writer, storyteller, poet, drummer, fire-spinner, melodica player.

Vikas, a dancer, theatre actor and permaculturist.

Toto, a writer, poet, storyteller, photographer.

Here’s your chance to invite us and host at your living room, boardroom or a classroom or with your community. If you are a brand we would love to conduct a storytelling workshop for your community, and if you are a school we can organise a storytelling session with your children. If you are a hostel we would love to co-create some stories with your nomadic travelers. Just give us a sign (by writing to us at and we shall drop in at your living room | boardroom to create hours of stories.

 #FOAF (foundonallfours) is into the business of gatecrashing people’s living rooms to narrate stories from far and wide. The circus usually comprises of a few travelers, musicians, poets, flow artists, illustrators among a few others, who turn a living room into a hostel of sorts, even though, for a few hours. In the past year or so, as many as 35 hosts have invited us into their living rooms across nine cities and, every single time, we have managed to create six hours of stories through multiple mediums. A lot of our hosts have invited us back, but right now our focus is to hit as many living rooms as possible.

Much like a nomadic group we meet twice a month at a living room/terrace/lawn, each time a new venue to share our stories with a bunch of 30-40 invited-listeners. We home-deliver storytellers.

As the Founder, I see it as micro-Tedx of travel/art/culture. It allows travel/art influencers of a small network share their stories and best practices twice a month hosted at people’s living rooms, terraces, and lawns. It has a simple idea behind it – you don’t have to travel far and wide (every time) to meet other travelers/artists and hear their stories/see them perform. Especially, in big cities where people don’t have time to meet strangers and strike a conversation. In a nutshell, we home-deliver storytellers. Also, we make people believe in strangers again. We encourage hosts to open their homes to complete strangers for a few hours on a weekend. In return they get to hear a lot of stories and live performances. We try to recreate a travelers’ hostel at your terrace/lawn/living room if you choose to host us. In a way, everybody is a contributor in some way or the other, staying true to the essence of a community. Call us a moving circus of surprises. We are already 35 gatherings strong and over 3800 members heavy. We have already conducted gatherings in Delhi/Gurgaon/Faridabad/Pune/Mumbai/Bir/Nainital/Chandigarh/Khanna.

Follow their journey on instagram @foundonallfours

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