The world has a very large population. This population is divided into many sects. If we go back in the time many social problems have emerged in the past that have made certain groups as the depressed classes. But in ethical and moral values, this world is divided into two spheres. There is 98% of the population on one sphere and the rest 2% on the other sphere. There is a very sharp difference between these two sects which people overlook. The second set which is particularly small is the sect on the intellectual class of the world.

From many years education has carried a lot of weight and the educate class have formed aristocracy and bureaucracy in the past societies. If we trace this evolution from the Roman Empire in the 3rd Century to the rise of communism in China in the 20th century, the data remains same where the intellectual class has had its maximum share over the aristocratic powers of the society. Today when I see modern countries and in particular the developing nation, this reminds me of the period before the renaissance and the period before any revolution took place. This revolution had demanded change and turned the people from being ignorant to learning ideas and spreading ideology across the borders. The question that arises today is that why are the people not aware of the capitalist approach in the country. Capitalism enhances the value of the fact that the rich should become richer and he poor shall become even more down trodden. Many people reading these statements might think that I am another crazy communist who thinks of the world as Mao and Lenin. But these proletarian and revolutionary approach of Marx and Lenin and Mao are the ones which the particularly one section of the intellectual class have adopted.

This might not make sense, but the ideas spread by the particularly intellectuals of the past have been left leaning and particularly focus on the roots of communism of establishing a castles and stateless society. This is because communism has all the way promoted the idea of state owned resources and equal distribution of resources amongst the people which makes into a equal society where all individuals can live equally without any external strains of money, power and position.

Coming to the position of India. Especially from 1947 and even more stressing with the coming of the the Prime Minister Modi the country has moved towards creating a Fascist state and the roots towards the establishing a now-liberal empire as in in China have been set and the onset of a long monarchy has been set. India is now replicating of what China has done in the past and will soon ban all democratic activities in the country with free speech being the most important and it has been evident that such an activity has taken place. These are not facts and figures but this is a theory of how the past and functioned and how feudalism once emerged. Communism has always uprooted the feudal lords and brought about a positive change by equalising the society. This fight is not for the CPI-ML or the CPI(M) or the CPI but is for the face of fighting fascism and capitalism in the world to create a free world where people can self govern themselves. The fight is not just limited to the BJP and the congress. But this is rather an ideological fight to fight out the social inequalities existent in the society. Hence this is what differentiates the 2% with the other 98% of the population because the former cares and thinks about the change and the revolution which is long awaited and will soon come from the  teachings of Ambedkar, Periyar, Marx and Lenin and when the people will adopt it, the world would change and it would bring an end to the social inequalities prevalent in the society.

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