This is a message to spread awareness and have compassion towards people who are even strangers. In the light of recent cases revolving around the accident of cyclists I would like to spread this message.

               All of us our brothers, we are one big family, all of us are travellers to this plant and we all will eventually go back. Some of the people are close and some are not that close but still a part of our family. There is one family, the family of bikers and we are the one who are making an extra effort to make the country a pollution free country. We all care for each other and people are waiting for us, when we leave our homes, our loved ones expect us to come back safely. Recently we have seen a lot of accidents happening with cyclists which deters cyclists to stop pedalling. This is breaking our community and instilling fear in us. We don’t want to take legal actions but sometimes, the situations instigate us to do so. When van drivers drive haphazardly and barge into us, when trucks change their lanes, when cars do not give indicators, and when bikes overtake us, and when autos hit us. This needs to stop and this is a call for the government, with the upcoming bicycle revolution in India. Does it call for dedicated bike lanes? This is the big question for now. Is it the need of the hour to launch a large scale programme for this? Yes! Bike lanes are important, but for now if we show some compassion towards our fellow mates who are making an effort to improve the country and think about that someone is waiting for them at their home. One small step of yours can save a lot of people. Stopping for a peddler won’t harm you. Be a part of the movement, by using indicators and respecting the ones on two wheels.

This is also brings up the issue of bike lanes for only cyclists in Delhi.


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