My world is changing, the society which existed has changed, but the revolution shall arrive and it shall arrive with the writings of the writer and the people who read it. The world runs on money, relations are built around the number game, where the higher only have a relation with the higher. The society where the more you pay for the basic need of education, the better you get. in order to get your child educated you need to pay a huge sum out of your pockets for which the state is not responsible. We live in the age where, a larger sum of money can make you better than other individuals and helps you get talent. This is the society where money can make you deaf, dumb and even blind. This is the society where the poor population is feeding the government, when the government should be feeding them. This is the age, where people run will run behind free wifi rather than free knowledge. It’s the age, where only results are viewed and the work behind it is not acknowledged.

The reality is that people today want to hear comforting lies rather than unpleasant truths. People are running behind money rather than knowledge. We live in a society where people want to buy happiness and fake smiles. This is the society where when people switch their TV’s and cellphones on, they switch off their brains. This is the place where people run behind money for all their life and when life ends they realise they wasted their life. This is the place where education is not able to reach the people. This is the place where industries and factories are burning the earth. The time has come, where people are feeding their minds to Facebook rather than sticking to actual news. This is the time, when mobile phones are attacking books and knowledge. 

We are at the age where people are not realising the difference between equality and equity. This is the age, where the value of clothes is considered more than the value of brain. This is hwere people’s brains are injured and their tongues are working on behalf. This is where the rich steal from the poor and the unfortunate. This is the age where the educated are not getting employment, and there is a high percentage of educated unemployment.

This is my society today. This is the society where I, you and a lot of other people are living. We need to change the way we act, the way we think and the way we judge. Each citizen on this planet is differently abled, nobody is perfect. People today show more interest in money, rather than gaining and spreading knowledge. My society is breaking, it is dividing and it shall be protected and we all shall contribute to it. The people in my society are ignorant of each other. Where people shall live in peace and co-existence, people want to bite each other out and survive. Money, comforting lies and cellphones today carry a lot more importance than knowledge and cognitive skills. We are here mot to be extremists, but we are here to spread the word and make the citizen aware of everything. People need to question the current notions and change the way we work. This is the revolution that we await. We wait for a truly free country.

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