“When writers, poets, artists, scholars and the people gather all around in a space and create noise, even the authorities will have to pay head to it. Let the Sahibs enjoy their comfort in their AC rooms because the revolution will soon be here, because the reader is just not reading, but watching and observing, he is also judging. Your power is limited. Your tyranny is over, the despotic rule shall end.”

We are not scared, rather we are fearless, we are here for our freedom. We are here to get freedom from fear, freedom from oppression. Go ahead! Call us anti-national, call us an urban naxal, and defame us. We are still not scared.

The citizen shall ask questions today from themselves. Are we free to speak up? Are we free to criticize the government? Are we truly independent? Well we have to try to find the answers to these questions. When we try to find something, we tend to go back to history and when we went back to history to discover these questions, there were terms such as “anti-national” and “urban naxals”. But when I go deep into the cause, the issue is not with the people being silenced, rather it is with the type of leaders that are ruling us and the manner in which the democracy is run. The main crux should rather be, that when we are comparing the analysing the future and working in the present by relating it with the past. We do not need leaders like the ones we have now, who are ruling the country and are sitting in the opposition, rather we need leaders like Ambedkar, Lenin and thinkers like Marx and Rosseua.

But what is to think about, are the core values of citizenship, liberty, development, secularism. If we think in a rational way, aren’t we all citizens of the entire world and isn’t our religion freedom. These are the thoughts that make us question, then why is the government silencing people, when all they are doing is questioning their own decision and rather than criticizing a person, they oppose the idea.

Once a very famous thinker exclaimed that “even when I don’t agree with you, I respect what you are saying and what you stand for. You have the complete freedom to speak”. The way freedom and citizenship exist in my nation are not in abstract terms, rather our leaders have fixed what nationalism means, what freedom is, what citizenship is. This is clear now, that the government doesn’t want us to know what these terms actually mean, because then in that case, we all will become independent and free. Noam Chomsky very wonderfully quoted that “the concentration of power and privilege is a major threat to our democracy. If authorities are unable to justify their actions, they are illegitimate to power”. What saves a nation and creates a just society with equal rights to all, with complete freedom and justice is when people work collectively and voluntarily. Thus a just society can be created, where we can exclaim the true essence of a democracy that is self governing.

Freedom, justice, equality, rights, citizenship, liberty, fraternity, nationalism, peace, development, all are abstract terms which are interpreted by the government and fed to the people. We shall rise out of the darkness and emerge out of it, in order to realise that the sunrise is yet to take place.  

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