This is the truth, this is a mirror. A mirror showing the truth to the society of the government. On 13th August, two days before the Independence Day, I was at the constitution club of India. When I was arriving at the venue, I captured the moment of Mr Khalid getting shot. This was of the most horrifying experience of my life. But, this showed me the truth of KHAUF. The event at the club was about the topic United Against hate and KHAUF SE AZADI, with regard to the Hapur mob lynching. Yes, Umar was allegedly fired upon, and a lot of news channels stumbled upon him. But, this is not the crux of the story. Whenever an individual or a community tries to raise their voice against the government or criticize the government in any way, their voice is supressed and they are termed as anti-nationalists. We saw what happened in JNU and what happened with Gauri Lankesh. Don’t be scared, because these people trying to kill the voice of the criticizer are themselves scared that the world would eat them. It is high time now, and with the 71st Independence Day, this should be our motto. We shall not be scared and walk on the path chosen by ourselves and your choice is the final choice for you. This democratic regime that is currently ruling this nation, is trying to convert our secular country into a Hindu rashtra, and we citizens shall fight back, so the government realises the essence of our constitution and the ethics our forefathers left behind. Let the war against hunger, casteism, sanghwad, Hindu orthodoxy. Let’s move towards betterment, not just for ourselves but for the entire nation.
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat
Love All

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