Are we truly free to speak up? Are we free to openly criticize the government and question the authority? Our democracy is changing; the current democratically elected government is trying to supress our voice and not letting us speak. Is it true? Or false. Let us discuss the big question here at PublicTunes. We will pick up a few cases and discuss them in brief and then come to a conclusion. The first case we pick up is, JNU. In 2016 some students of the Jawaharlal Nehru university, were allegedly arrested by the police and were put in jail in case of sedition and hate speech. It has 2.5 years and still not even a single charge sheet has been filed by the police. The main students in the entire scene were PhD students Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar. Both of the students have been critical of the government since then and have questioned the authority at all times. They have starred on primetime debates and have debated with spokesperson of the BJP. Pro-BJP news channels, such as Zee TV and Republic have termed them anti-nationals and have created havoc on the issue by portraying them as anti-nationals and using fake subtitles that show that the students are pro-Pakistani and want to go to Pakistan and are funded by China. The students being termed as anti-nationalists are now getting death threats by several people. This is fake news and fake propaganda; because not yet a single charge sheet has been filed by the police and the students have been clean in their tasks. We can see, what is happening in the government and when anyone trying to speak against the government, there are attempts to murder the person and term them as anti-national. People who are mere students are termed in such a way, just so that the government can win the upcoming elections and spread their ideology and propaganda. We saw what happened to Gauri Lankesh, we saw what happened to Umar on 13th August, just two days before the Independence Day, in one of the most highly secured area, just minutes away from the parliament.
Let’s move on further and discuss about the resignation of ABP News journalist Mr.Bajpai and the editor. The government thinks that we are blindfolded and wont realise what is happening because when the Prime Minister, on national television was showing, that farmers had doubled their salaries and they are happy now. A journalist from the ABP went to the village in Chhattisgarh and enquired whether actually they have seen a boost in salary, the truth came out and after some days of drama Mr.Bajpai had to resign and on 9th August 2018, when he did an exclusive interview for The Wire, which is an online news platform, it was revealed that he was told not to use the Prime Ministers name in any case on his primetime show. He also informed that in between 2014 and 2018, the government has released 196 policies and all of them have been released by the prime minister. After this drama, the core team of journalists had to resign because paid media can only show what they have been paid for and to spread the propaganda.
Is this true freedom of speech, to be not able to listen to the truth and not be able to voice our opinion? A democracy remains to be a democracy when people question it and we only progress when the public will ask questions and be critical. Now is the time to mend this and show our power. We need to be the voice of the poor and need to provide them the basic facilities and then only the true social justice will come, that the government talks off. It is now time to think about Jobs and education rather than playing with the religion of the people, and build the ram mandir just to please their vote bank. Solutions come when we crave for them, not when we crave for vote banks. It is time to act and for everybody to raise their voice, because change comes from within and you need to be the change. So let’s be the spark that this world wants and speak up. Speak up against the injustice, speak up against the authoritative and speak for the poor who is not even aware of his\her rights. Equality, secularism, fraternity, all are terms that are not just created for us to study in our text books, but to apply in real life and create a society with equal opportunities, where everyone has the right to speak up and equal opportunities exist. And yes, this is not a utopian society; this is a free society, where actual freedom lies with constraints on it.

PUBLICTUNES MESSAGE TO THE BJP\INC\NCP\CPI\CPIM\AAP AND OTHERS: This society has chosen you and this society can even lift you from your seat. Branding people as anti-nationalist and not allowing them to speak, will just rage us. We are free from fear and this KHAUF cannot beat us down. Let us create love and spread the enrgy and revive the fraternity. All are equal and open to criticism, because criticism is the only thing that can lead to progression.
To end this I would like to speak up:

I hope I made an impact
Love All

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