123 people kill themselves every day in the United States alone. In the past one week we saw two very rich, famous and successful people kill themselves. Anthony Bourdain one of the greatest chef and Kate spade, a famous designer gave up on life. Let this unfold in stages, doesn’t being famous make you less […]


KHAUF SE AZADI This is the truth, this is a mirror. A mirror showing the truth to the society of the government. On 13th August, two days before the Independence Day, I was at the constitution club of India. When I was arriving at the venue, I captured the moment of Mr Khalid getting shot. […]


Are we truly free to speak up? Are we free to openly criticize the government and question the authority? Our democracy is changing; the current democratically elected government is trying to supress our voice and not letting us speak. Is it true? Or false. Let us discuss the big question here at PublicTunes. We will […]